The Broken Egg

The other day we went on a walk. We heard some chickens clucking and followed the noise.

There was a little chicken coop and a few chickens and my kids thought it was awesome.

Who needs the zoo? Not them. While we were admiring the chickens, the owner walked around

the corner and introduced herself and told us about her feathered friends. She reached into the

coop and pulled out an egg and handed it to my daughter. I mean you would have thought she handed her a ruby.


It was awfully sweet of the woman to do. We carefully walked the egg back home (tucked underneath the stroller seat).


When we arrived home I handed the egg back to my daughter. I turned around and a second

later  her face looked like she had seen a ghost. Then I saw the egg dripping down her outfit and all over the porch.


She was devastated. What was more devastating was when I asked her why she broke

her egg, she replied, ” I wanted to see the baby chick inside.”


Playtime Ideas


Here is a little activity I do with my daughter. We both have fun with it. Just cut out

furniture,  rugs, ect from a decor magazine.

We call this “paper dollhouse.” I enjoy seeing what kind of room she “decorates” with all of

our scraps of paper.



Our Attic Renovation: Before and After

We bought our little house a few years ago when we had one baby.

We loved it and it was the perfect fit for us.When I ws pregnant with our third, we decided to renovate our attic.

Our house was built in the 1920’s. The attic was basically untouched that entire time. It was

nearly impossible to get into as well. I had never been up there until renovations had started. It was

your typically old and creepy attic. We had a friend who was a builder do the renovations in record timing.

He was amazing and a big thanks goes out to him. He started the work when I was 33 weeks pregnant and

finished it when I was 39 weeks.

We didn’t live in our home during the majority of this

process. It would have been impossible to keep kids out of the mess and it wasn’t safe

with the dust and chemical exposure. I’m thankful that we had willing parents to let us

bunk at their house for awhile!

Here is the before picture of our dining room. Our builder took down this

wall, along with a closet and linen closet.




Here is the attic taking shape!


Our builder worked so hard.  Also, this summer was the hottest summer in years. It was nearly impossible

to take a breath in the attic because it was so hot.






The last week of renovations, our builder and my husband worked day and night. Literally.

I told my husband that I knew the baby would come very soon, so we panicked a bit.


We could not bring a newborn home to sawdust and plaster. The boys finished on a Friday. We spent the weekend cleaning up

and putting our house back together. We had two days of rest and then baby came the next day.

That whole time was extrememly difficult and a complete whirlwind. After it was all said and done, I’m so glad

that we did it. Our house feels like a new place!






In the end, we brought home this little guy to a newly renovated house.